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Clown Nights FNAF Game

Clown Nights FNAF Game

Put the scary clown into a five nights at freddy's context and you'll get another worst night guard job in the world.

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Clown Nights FNAF Game

Clown Nights FNAF Game

Put the scary clown into a five nights at freddy's context and you'll get another worst night guard job in the world. Clown Nights is of course another FNAF incarnation trying to revive the glory of the original franchise. I know, this series have been milked out a lot, but I still think you should give this game a try. It's well executed, nice graphics, run smoothly and it's scary. There's only one clown, showing up in the circus, so I'd look at it as a simplified version of the original game where we had like at least 5 killing animatronics at some point, going after you all together at once.

Regarding the gameplay, nothing drastically changes there. Instead of working at local pizzeria, this time you accepted a job of a night guard in a local circus. No crazy animatronics, just one clown who refuses to sit tight and relax. No, instead, he is romaing the corridors all night long, searching for you in your room. If you ever let him get inside, you're dead. To prevent this happen, you must constantly watch him on cameras, or try to close the door or turn the ligts on in the corridor in front of your room in case he ever show up there. The question is, why don't you simply keep the lights turned on all the time. And the doors. Why not simply keeping them locked all night. You should be safe then right? Well, the problem is in energy. The game won't allow you to do that. Lights shut off by themself and the doors get opened by themselves to preserve the energy from the batteries, So just like in the original, Clown Nights are about strategizing resources. You must use the available switches only in case of emergency. It will keep you on toes throughout all night and more. The goal every night is to try to stay alive until 6 am.

In the end, I wouldn't call it the scariest clown game ever, not the hardest one neither. It hits the sweet spot in the middle, and should be OK for kids. I would definitely give it a try.

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